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Mother of two who works in crowded city called Jakarta. Always spend almost 4 hours driving return to my work place everyday ! But sometimes my dearest Hubby driving for me, so we can have a good time to chat all the way to our work place. Or ... I can have a good time to sleep :)
Friday, June 04, 2004

+ Surat

"Terlampir adalah foto-foto kedai makan saya. Kalau sempat, silakan mampir...."

"Aku menunggu dan menunggu.....berharap-harap cemas akan keputusan yang akan diberikan Direksi...."

"Selama matahari biru masih bersinar di langit putih, maka hari esok akan selalu cerah..."

"Karirku dimulai sejak 25 tahun yang lalu sebagai sales. lalu diangkat menjadi supervisor 5 tahun kemudian."

Semua cuplikan paragraf itu bukan tentang promosi kedai, atau penggalan puisi cengeng, atau orasi suatu partai apalagi CV seorang karyawan. Tapi semuanya adalah bagian dari beragam surat elektronik (e-mail) dengan topik yang sama, yaitu "Mohon Pamit". Lho kok bisa? Ya kenapa tidak. Setelah dilancarkan proyek Minerva, beberapa karyawan mengirimkan e-mail pamitan yang didistribusi ke seluruh karyawan versi mereka masing-masing.

Surat yang sarat emosi itu kadang menjadi lucu, mengharukan, atau memancing cibiran. Tapi aku menanti email seperti itu untuk hiburan, sambil berpikir-pikir, perlu nggak ya nanti aku kirim email semerti itu ...atau langsung cabut aja? Hhmmmm....

From the desk of grey at 2:10 AM :::::

Monday, February 09, 2004

+ My ADHD son

He used to be a happy child. Maybe a little more active than most. Maybe a little more argumentative. At first I thought it was just a stage, something he'd grow out of. Sometimes, it was even cute, in a way.

When he was four he went to school and the complaints began. Complaints from the neighbors. Complaints from his schoolmates. Complaints from his teachers.

I went to a psycholog and psychiatry. They said my son needs Ritalin. I was scared to give it to him. The doctor said it was safe. How can such a powerful medicine be safe? But his behavior was so difficult, I had no choice. It seemed to help a little. But still some unanswer question pop up in my grey cells "Am I really curing my son instead of poisoning him?"

Now...here it is a blog I made for him. It's helping me to track what I have done to help my beloved son.

From the desk of grey at 6:40 PM :::::

Thursday, January 08, 2004

+ New Year Song

Tell everybody I'm on my way
New friends and new places to see
With blue skies ahead yes
I'm on my way
And there's nowhere else
that I'd rather be

Tell everybody I'm on my way
And I'm loving every step I take
With the sun beating down yes
I'm on my way
And I can't keep this smile off my face

I thought this song (soundtrack of Brother Bear ) would be my theme song facing the New Year. Actually this song is an anticipated song to cheer me up if Minerva kicks me out of her ship. But I was wrong. Minerva talked to me. She tends to hold me to stay in her ship. Thank to God, who let me have my job in this challenging year.

Today, while I started to find a new theme song, I looked around the ship … find out the ship condition. Gosh……the ship is drowning. Hhhmmm…..maybe I should search the song from Titanic soundtrack.

From the desk of grey at 2:12 AM :::::

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

+ M i n e r v a

Minerva, also known as Athena, was the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology. She was also a warlike divinity; but it was defensive war only that she patronized, and she had no sympathy with Mars's savage love of violence and bloodshed.

There is also Minerva in the company where I work. This Minerva is a code name for a confidential project. People who involve in this project should have a wide wisdom, and talk calmly like the goddess. They have to use their wisdom in a secret “war” they have to win. And like the goddess like, the war is defensive war to anticipate the “bloody thing” happen.

To tell you the truth, my company is in the middle of collapse. To cut some expenses they should cut some employees who have been evaluated not productive enough. The bosses who evaluate and select their employees are in the Minerva project. Do my boss select me to join in the “bye bye”group? I don’t know yet. This week, exactly last week before Christmas, is the time when we are “selected” to be in it or not.

What a nice surprise for celebrating Chirstmas ….

From the desk of grey at 12:49 AM :::::

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

+ strong vs soft

When you come into elevator in high-rise office building, you can smell artificial flavor welcoming you in. Sometime it smells like oranges, sometime apple or sometime jasmine. It is sprayed to make the guest smell the freshness. In tropical country like Indonesia, where sun is generously shine all day long, you can easily smell typical tropical armpit odor which belong to somebody in the elevator. So fruity and flowery perfumes are definitely needed. But for some people, including me, that artificial freshness make you get instant headache, or at minimum impact can make you sneeze…hatchiiiii…. Wait till the artificial freshness mix up with armpit odor. Surely I will get both those impact…headache and sneezing.

During this fasting month, there is a different smell in our elevator office. Firstable I think someone carrying pandan wangi rice was in there. My friend had different guessing. She looked curious to a man who come first in the elevator, wear a new perfume smell like kolak (banana steam in coconut milk). She’s ridiculous!
But when it happened the next day and the day after that, and continually happen, I start wondering. What kind of smell is that ? The smell reminds me of something traditional, friendly, relaxing, comfortable, and the important thing is it doesn’t make me sneeze. It is Pandan leave smell (I think). Nice soft smell that can make you feel comfortable, even there is a unique armpit odor beside you. You still can smell the body odor, but in comfortable aura, somehow, I can calmly wait the stink smell disappear so I can smell deeply the pandan leaves again.

Should I be like the pandan fregrance or the fruity fregrance ? Make people get headache or comfort ?

From the desk of grey at 3:03 AM :::::

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

+ Where do the happiest people in the world live?

The answer? Nigeria -- with those living in Mexico coming in second. The U.S ranked 16th according to a new study from a London magazine. Why are people in Nigeria and Mexico so happy? Well, according to this particular study, the Nigerian and Mexican cultures emphasize faith and family above all else. This study also found that sometimes those with the least materialistic possessions are actually happier than those who appear to have everything.

Remember, your family first.

From the desk of grey at 5:42 PM :::::

Friday, October 31, 2003

+ Studying again

Ugh…..Mom give me another math exercise and again asked me to concentrate. What is concentrate anyway ? hhhmmm…..I remember orange juice concentrate daddy brought for us yesterday. It’s too sour for me, but Mom and Dad loves it. Ugh…she is starting to yell, I think I have to say something.
“15 ?”
Oops wrong answer. I hate Mommy when she is yelling like that. She reminds me of Sinchan’s mother, one of my fav Japan cartoon. Yeah right….moreover her new curly hair makes her more look alike. I wonder … is there a horn growing on her head when she get mad like that….or..or…maybe fire come out from her mouth just like sinchan’s mother when she’s getting mad. Hahaha….. that’s really funny if those can really happen to Mom. Yaiks…she is yelling again. That’s mean I have to give another answer.
“10 ?”
ugh…stil a wrong answer. Maybe I should guess bigger number
Aaaahh…there she go. She is yelling out loud the answer. Hhhmmm…the answer is 8. It’s look like a simple exercise. Now she write down again another example. When will all this study thing end ????

Huuuuaaaaaahhh…..I really tired. At last Mommy let me go to bed. After I say my prayer, she kiss me on my right cheek
“ Good night” and kiss my left cheek “Sleep tide” and the last kiss my forehead “have a nice dream”. I said the same things but no kissing. She looks tired. But I am tired too after schooling, playing all day, and having night lesson like this.
“I love you” she said again before she close the door. Is she need an answer for that ? huuuuaaah I don’t know, I’m….huuuuaaaahhh….too sleepy to think again.

From the desk of grey at 2:43 AM :::::

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